Bookish Activities

1 August, 2023

The Captain’s Corner – Game On!

Sports and reading might seem like opposite activities, but over at StoryCaptain, we actually think they make for a great....

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1 July, 2023

The Captain’s Corner – Doctors in Training

Doctors can be both a source of fascination and fear for kids. Our daughter loves playing “doctor” with her stuffed....

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1 June, 2023

The Captain’s Corner – Making a Splash

Hi! Are you ready to dive right in? Because this month’s theme is sure to make a big splash with....

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1 May, 2023

The Captain’s Corner – Music

Hello and thanks for tuning in as we explore the world of music! Music is such an important experience for....

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1 April, 2023

The Captain’s Corner – Lost & Found

I’m thrilled to share that this month we’re going to… Wait… where are we?? That’s right, we’re lost! We’ve gathered....

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1 March, 2023

The Captain’s Corner – Harvesting Great Reads

Howdy fellow Captains and welcome to our recap of our trip to the farm! How often do you and your....

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1 February, 2023

The Captain’s Corner – Black History Month

Hello parents! It’s time for our monthly roundup of our Black History Month box. To celebrate Black History Month, we....

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1 January, 2023

The Captain’s Corner – Italy & Food

Bonjourno! It’s Mike from StoryCaptain here with your monthly recap.This month our WobbleCaptains and CuriousCaptains went on different, age-appropriate but....

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1 December, 2022

The Captain’s Corner – Winter Wonderland

Hello! We’re snow happy to see you! This is Mike with your monthly StoryCaptain recap. As we head towards the....

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1 November, 2022

The Captain’s Corner – November, 2022

Hello! This is Mike, your pilot speaking, here to share your monthly StoryCaptain recap. We’re cruising steadily on our way....

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