Best English Children’s Books for Exploring Japanese Culture and Authors

9 July, 2024

Parents seeking to connect their children with their heritage or to explore diverse storytelling styles will find a precious resource in Japanese children’s literature. Characterized by gentle storytelling, respect for tradition, and reverence for the child’s imaginative world, these books offer unique perspectives.

Our book subscription club celebrated a Japanese-themed month, unveiling a treasure trove of these books, all available in English, that captivated us with their subtle, nuanced narratives and cultural richness. Below, we present the best books we discovered in our research, some of which we were thrilled to include in our book boxes for subscribers. All of the featured authors are of Japanese origin, and you can find gems in this list for kids from birth to age 9.

Ages 0-3

Taro Gomi is renowned for his vibrant and engaging books for babies and toddlers. This book takes young readers on a colorful journey through various bus stops, each illustrated with lively scenes that encourage children to interact with the pages by spotting different objects and characters. It’s a delightful way for toddlers to learn about their surroundings and to introduce new words like “helicopter” and “video camera.”

Ages 0-3

We love him so much that we couldn’t resist including a second Taro Gomi option in our collection. In this charming book, children explore the many ways animals and friends can teach us new things. The repetitive structure combined with vibrant pictures makes it easy for young readers to follow along and make connections between their experiences and the world around them. It’s a perfect book for developing early language skills.

Ages 0-2

This board book employs iconic Japanese figures, sumo wrestlers, to introduce the concept of opposites. Each page features only one word, presenting clear contrasts like big and small, up and down, and front and back. Designed for the youngest readers aged 0-2, the book uses silly illustrations of sumo wrestlers as a fun and culturally engaging way to teach this fundamental concept, focusing on visual stimulation without a narrative

Ages 4-8

This is the most fun one on the list! It brilliantly uses the familiar experience of a bike ride to unlock the whimsical mysteries of an underground world. Originally written in Japanese and translated into English, it is part of a series that explores different worlds, though this book stands out as our favorite. It’s perfect for children intrigued by the underground or for anyone with a big imagination- the book invites readers to uncover magic with each turn of the page.

Ages 4-8

This enchanting tale captures a young boy’s friendship with a kappa, a playful river spirit from Japanese folklore. It stands out as our favorite on the list for slightly older children. This book does a beautiful job of weaving together captivating myths, Japanese script alongside English, and rich illustrations. It explores deep themes such as the clash between traditional Japanese ways and modern industrial progress, the emotional bond between a child and a mythical being, and an exploration of aging, all delivered through a gentle story that kids of various ages can enjoy.

Ages 5-9

Have you ever discussed the concept of “silence” with your child? Journey through the hustle and bustle of modern Tokyo to discover the sound of silence in the most unexpected places. This book encourages children to slow down and truly listen, capturing a yearning for simplicity amidst our noisy world. The beautifully written narrative and illustrations guide young readers to appreciate the quiet moments that can be found even in the busiest environments.

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