The Captain’s Corner – Lost & Found

1 April, 2023

I’m thrilled to share that this month we’re going to…

Wait… where are we?? That’s right, we’re lost!

We’ve gathered a collection of books that explore themes of hiding, seeking, and finding. Our littlest readers will get to use a sense of adventure and wonder as they seek out toys, parents, and even themselves. And our older readers will follow characters in sticky situations who discover the importance of resilience and bravery. Get ready to embark on a literary journey full of twists and turns!

And, if you’re feeling a bit lost on what to do after reading these amazing books, we’ve got you covered! These awesome activities provide a roadmap for how to bring these important concepts to life.


Boost Their Creativity  


Bring this month’s activity guide to life with these craft activities for the WobbleCaptain and CuriousCaptain clubs.


Hide and Seek (WobbleCaptain)

Supplies: Stuffy



  1. Hide the child’s stuffy somewhere in the house.
  2. Child will go search for the stuffy.

Tips for engagement: Let the child take turns hiding the stuffy for the adult to find!



Lost Gingerbread (CuriousCaptain)


Supplies: Paper, drawing utensils



  1. Choose a location for your gingerbread to be lost.
  2. Draw that scene.
  3. Draw a gingerbread somewhere in your picture.

Tips for Engagement: Talk about how the gingerbread might feel when they are lost. Discuss steps gingerbread could take to find their way out.

Treasure Map (CuriousCaptain)

Supplies: Paper, drawing utensils, treasure to hide (small snacks, toys, stickers, etc.)



  1. Choose a location for the treasure and go hide it.
  2. Draw a map leading your children from a starting point to the treasure.
  3. Children will follow the map to find the treasure.

Tips for Engagement: Take guesses what you think the treasure might be. You could even let the child practice by hiding treasure and drawing a map for you!


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