3 Kids’ Books to Prepare for Checkups and Doctor Visits

2 June, 2024

Doctor visits can be both intriguing and intimidating for little ones. While our daughter loves playing “doctor” with her toys, real visits can be daunting. However, the right books can transform apprehension into curiosity and confidence, turning a potentially scary experience into an exciting adventure.

Here are three exceptional children’s books that detail every step of a doctor’s visit, helping your child know what to expect and making medical appointments a positive experience.

Ages 1-3

Delightfully interactive and thoughtfully designed, this board book is a great tool for helping toddlers prepare for what to expect at a routine checkup. The book takes a clear and friendly approach, guiding young readers through the various aspects of a check-up, everything from the waiting room to receiving shots. 

This book caters to the developmental stage where toddlers are grasping the world around them but really need clarity and repetition to process their experiences. The book’s interactive elements will not only sustain your child’s attention but also transform little readers into active participants in the checkup process.

Ages 2-4

Designed with slightly older children in mind, this engaging picture book gently guides children through the journey of getting a checkup. The book takes young readers on Leo’s journey to visit the doctor for a checkup. With relatable storytelling, it successfully demystifies the doctor’s visit and makes it an approachable and positive experience. One element that really sets this book apart is its empowering message that a doctor’s visit is a natural part of growing up and becoming a “big boy” or “big girl.”

While we usually lean toward board books for this age range, the exceptional content and captivating illustrations of this picture book make it an exception that we’re more than comfortable with.

Ages 3-7

Children who are scared of the doctor are sure to find this book relatable and helpful. In it, we join Pete, the cat, on a journey where an uneasy stomach leads him and his father to the doctor’s office. Through Pete’s lens, the book endeavors to soothe the apprehensions that can accompany doctor visits, portraying the experience as one of compassion and positivity.

By casting animals as the main protagonists, the author employs a creative approach that enhances the book’s appeal for potentially anxious children. Ultimately, the heartwarming conclusion reinforces the idea that, while they might be nervous, doctors can help children find relief and care when they need it.

Bring the books with you for the doctor's visit

If your child is feeling extra nervous about their upcoming visit, here’s a helpful trick. Start by reading these books together at home to get them familiar with what to expect. Then, bring the books along when it’s time for the appointment and review the different pages as you get to that step in the process. This can be an effective tool to highlight the parallels between the depicted scenarios and the real-life experience. This should help them feel more at ease and give them a sense that they’ve got things under control!

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