The Captain’s Corner – Winter Wonderland

1 December, 2022

Hello! We’re snow happy to see you! This is Mike with your monthly StoryCaptain recap.

As we head towards the holidays, we decided to go on an adventure to a winter wonderland. Whether you’re somewhere chilly trying to help your kids embrace the cold or in a warmer climate dreaming of ski slopes, we’re sure your little ones will adore these books. These books will inspire you with cold weather activities like sledding and skating, encourage sleepy heads to take their nap, and teach little ones about the journey of a snowflake. When we first read this collection of books, it was truly love at frost sight!

To fully immerse yourself and your little one in this snowscape, check out the crafting activities and other awesome wintery books below!


Boost Their Creativity  


Bring this month’s activity guide to life with these craft activities for the WobbleCaptain and CuriousCaptain clubs.


Snowflake Salt Painting (WobbleCaptain)

Supplies: Paper, liquid glue, salt, water, paintbrush, watercolor paints



  1. Use the liquid glue to create a snowflake pattern.
  2. Dump salt onto the glue and shake extra off into the trash.
  3. Let it dry and paint with watercolor. Watch the colors spread as they hit the salt.

Adult/Child: Adult can help create the snowflake pattern with the glue and with the salt. Let child use the paint and decorate the snowflake



Puffy Paint (CuriousCaptain)


Supplies: Flour, liquid glue, shaving cream, construction paper



  1. Mix together 1 cup of white glue, 2 cups of shaving cream, and 1/2 cup of flour.
  2. Pre-cut items for the snowman (hat, eyes, etc.)
  3. Use a paint brush and paint a snowman with the puffy paint.
  4. Before it dries add your construction paper pieces on.

Adult/Child: Adult can help measure out ingredients for the paint. Adult may also need to help child paint the shape of the snowman.

Ice Skating Toys (CuriousCaptain)

Supplies: Container, water, toys



  1. Fill a container with water and place it in the freezer overnight. 
  2. Collect toys to go ice skating
  3. Take frozen “rink” out of the freezer and have fun skating your toys across the ice.

Tips for engagement: Talk about process for freezing the water.


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