Every Story Has a Hero...
Be Theirs.

At StoryCaptain, we’re empowering parents to raise little readers – because we believe that more readers leads to a world of empathy, understanding, and connection.

Meet the Hero of Our Story

Growing up as an immigrant, books weren’t just stories – they were windows into a new world that I didn’t know. My wife and I both moved to the US—me from Belarus when I was four and her from Canada—and our curiosity about people, cultures, and places led us to populate our bookshelves with new ideas, adventures, and travels. When I became a newly-minted dad, I simply had to bring my daughter along on that journey.

And so StoryCaptain was born – my daughter was the captain, and I was her honorary first mate.

After I started StoryCaptain, other parents seemed to be just as excited to use books as a portal to understand our amazing world. By taking the work out of curating shelves and crafting fun activities to accompany the books, we help families spend more time with their little ones exploring cultures, foods, traditions, and places – all through the lens of great stories.

We hope that as your child’s library grows and diversifies, these books spark as much wonder, amazement, and curiosity in your family as they have in ours!

-Mike, founder

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