3 Kids’ Books for Overcoming Swimming Fears

28 May, 2024
Joyful child conquering fear of swimming at the beach

Watching my girls embrace new experiences is one of the most fulfilling joys of fatherhood! But sometimes it doesn’t go to plan. Like, the first time I took my then-one-year-old daughter to swim class and she spent most of the session in tears. Was she right to be cautious around water? Yes, absolutely – water safety is critical. But, should her fear of getting her hair wet hold her back? Probably not.

We quickly realized that we needed a different strategy. And that’s where books come in handy! As you can probably guess, books are a huge part of our parenting, and so we began searching for the perfect collection that could help her build courage and confidence in the water. And we are thrilled to share our top picks with you. Whether your little ones are dipping their toes for the first time or facing existing fears, these books will empower them to embrace swimming with confidence!

Ages 1-5

This is a charming book that follows the beloved character Maisy as she embarks on a new adventure of learning to swim. Maisy overcomes her initial fear of the water and gradually gains confidence as she learns different swimming techniques.

The book does a great job of showing the entire swim process, from changing into a swimsuit to getting into the pool to showering afterward. The simple illustrations and words are perfect for younger children.

Ages 3-6

If your child is a bit anxious about taking swim lessons, this is the perfect book for you. The story revolves around a young girl who is apprehensive about getting in the water. Every Saturday, she attends her swim class and her stomach churns with anxiety, but with the guidance of her swim instructor, she gradually becomes more comfortable and confident.

The book beautifully addresses the specific anxieties associated with swimming, offering a gentle and relatable narrative for young readers. This is a valuable resource that promotes the importance of facing fears, overcoming anxiety, and discovering the joy of swimming.

Ages 3-7

While overcoming the fear of the water may be difficult enough, gathering the courage to jump off a diving board can be equally difficult. This story follows the journey of a young boy as he overcomes his fear and takes the courageous leap. 

The book’s simple yet effective illustrations enhance the storyline, drawing readers into Jabari’s journey. The sense of accomplishment at the end of the story is inspiring, emphasizing the importance of perseverance. In addition, we love that the boy’s father is there as a supportive presence throughout the book.

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