The Captain’s Corner – Making a Splash

1 June, 2023

Hi! Are you ready to dive right in? Because this month’s theme is sure to make a big splash with kids of all ages.

I don’t know about your household but in ours, water can bring about mixed emotions. Our little ones love playing with water, blowing bubbles, even giving their toys a bath. But get their hair wet? Instant meltdown. Whether your child is an enthusiast or a bit more wary, this is a topic that all kids can relate to and these books are sure to both capture their imagination while also helping to navigate some of the more challenging emotions. Together, we’ll discover how to embrace a rainy day, make bath time a blast, and explore the downsides of when rain rain actually does go away.

And, as always, we’re excited to share in this blog some tried and true activities that bring these water-themed books to life. So, grab your towel and let’s jump in!


Boost Their Creativity  


Bring this month’s activity guide to life with these craft activities for the WobbleCaptain and CuriousCaptain clubs.


Toy Bath (WobbleCaptain)

Supplies: Toys, bin, water, soap, sponge/washcloth/scrub brush



  1. Place soap and water in a bin.
  2. Add in toys and cleaning materials.
  3. Clean your toys!

Tips for engagement: Act out parts of the story with your child. Relate this to the book and their bath time.


Toy Bath

Truck Bath (WobbleCaptain)

Truck bath

Supplies: Soil or chocolate pudding (as a safe option for littles), toy trucks, bins, soap, water



  1. Add mud into one bin.
  2. Add water and soap into another bin.
  3. Add in trucks! Get them dirty and make them clean again.

Tips for Engagement: Find similarities from the story to the play. This is a great tool for early comprehension skills.

Bubble Wrap Rain Art (CuriousCaptain)

Supplies: Print out of a plain or paper & crayons to create your own, bubble wrap, blue paint, paint brush



  1. Print or draw a picture of a plain.
  2. Paint over the piece of bubble wrap with blue paint.
  3. Stamp the painted bubble wrap on the sheet of paper.

Tips for Engagement: Sing a song about rain while you do this painting. Make this a learning moment! Talk about what the rain means for the plains.

Bubble Wrap Rain Art

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