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Hear From Fellow StoryCaptains

After our first 4 months, I can confirm that StoryCaptain is awesome. Each month has been such a fun adventure, both me and my LO have had fun exploring new places together!

-Stacy R

My 4-year-old loves opening his book box every month!! The colorful packaging makes it even more special, he gets excited as soon as he sees it.

-Priya T.

I want my kids to grow up loving reading and these books make it easy for me and my kids to be excited about reading together!

-Kevin S.

These books are actually great quality, fun, and so different than anything else we have on our shelf. I love that my daughter is exposed to so many different cultures and places.

-Manuel R.

My friend gifted me a subscription to StoryCaptain when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, and I only wish we’d known about this sooner! It was the most unique and actually useful gift we received.

-Rebecca A.

Love this subscription! And it’s a great price for such unique books, I can tell there’s a lot of thought and care that goes into finding great books.

- Aliyah T.

Book Selection Process

We are passionate about great books and we translate that passion into a robust selection process. We partner with children's literature experts to ensure that every book in your box is both developmentally appropriate and will bring joy to you and your little ones. Here’s an overview of our process:

1. Select an Inspiring Theme

First, we choose a theme, like Australia, music, or outer space, that allows children to explore this great big world, one topic at a time.

2. Identify Superb Books

Next, we assess hundreds of books and work with a children's librarian to assign EACH one a grade - only the top 10% make the cut for consideration!

3. Curate a Captivating Box

Finally, we work with a children's author to curate a set of books for a cohesive experience, balancing reading difficulty, writing styles, and diverse perspectives.

Our Most Popular Boxes

Music Board Book Box (0-3 Years)

Kids love music so we knew this would be a fun theme to explore through books. This box approaches the theme from three angles: familiar nursery rhymes, interactive musical instruments, and a popular song that will have even grown-ups singing along. The books each work great for kids at different stages of development since they offer multiple ways to engage.

I Love Mozart by Marion Billet

This interactive book introduces your little one to the harmonious sounds of various instruments and classical music. Kids will delight in discovering the button that activates the melodies.

Hey Diddle Diddle by Make Believe Ideas

This collection of beloved nursery rhymes is a great way to enjoy the magic of music and storytelling all in one activity. Playful animal illustrations also help bring each rhyme to life.

What a Wonderful World by Bob Thiele

Based on the famous song by Louis Armstrong, this book celebrates the wonders of nature and the joy of life. Whether you choose to sing along or pause to savor the pictures, this one will appeal to both parents and kids.

Japan Picture Book Box (4-7 Years)

For this month, we took a journey over to a far off place to encourage kids to learn about different cultures and traditions. Both written by authors with Japanese ancestry, these two books introduce kids to the unique Japanese writing styles and different facets of life in Japan. Together they offer a balance of thoughtful and whimsical tales to enjoy.

The Last Kappa of Old Japan by Sunny Seki

This enchanting story follows a young boy as he befriends a kappa, a mischievous river spirit from Japanese folklore. We love this book for its captivating mythical tale, delightful illustrations, and the bonus feature of Japanese script alongside English.

The Sound of Silence by Katrina Goldsaito

Have you ever talked about "silence" with your little one? Journey through Tokyo to discover the sound of silence in the most unlikely of places. With beautiful words and illustrations, this book will encourage kids to slow down and truly listen to the world around them.

Activity Guide in Every Box

Each month we pair our books with a themed activity guide that offers craft and game ideas designed to:

  • Reinforce the concepts in the books 
  • Provide hours of entertainment 
  • Make books even more fun, especially for reluctant readers

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