2022 in Review

27 December, 2022

What a year! From exploring the Australian outback to teleporting back to the Jurassic age, we’ve gone on some pretty amazing adventures together. And we are honored by how much our StoryCaptain community has grown over that time period too.

We thought we would wrap up the year by revisiting our favorite book-activity combos, and hopefully inspire you with some fun projects to take you and your little one into 2023. If you try these out, show us the results by tagging any of our social media accounts!


Book-activity combos for 0-3 year olds

Book: Mix It Up

Activity: Color Blending


Supplies: Paper, paint, paintbrush, gallon sized bag 

and painters tape



  1. Tape the backside of the paper to the inside of the gallon sized bag. (This is so the paper doesn’t slide around while mixing the colors.) 
  2. Add drops of paint inside the bag onto the paper.
  3. Tape the bag shut and tape it to the table or the wall for working on a vertical surface.
  4. Child will use their fingers and hands to mix the colors together.

Book: Where is the Green Sheep?


Activity: Sheep Scavenger Hunt


Supplies: Post-it notes, markers



  1. Draw a variety of colored sheep on several post-it notes and hide them around a room or the house.
  2. Have your child then search for the colors.
  3. (Optional) If it helps you can help create a visual checklist for your child. On a separate sheet of paper you can draw squares of each color sheep you made. Your child can match the sheep to the paper when they find them.

Book: Crunch the Shy Dinosaur

Activity: Dinosaur Feelings


Supplies: Playdough, loose parts (applesauce pouch lids, blocks, Legos, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, dried pasta, pom-poms, etc.)



  1. Roll the playdough into a flat circle for a face.
  2. Add loose parts to create eyes and the mouth.
  3. Add extra pieces like eyebrows on the angry face!


Book-activity combos for 4-7 year olds

Book: How To Be A T. Rex

Activity: Dino Writing


Supplies: Paper, marker, paper plate, paint, toy dinosaur



  1. Write your child’s name on the paper (or any other word!)
  2. Place some paint on a paper plate.
  3. Dip the dinosaur’s feet in the paint.
  4. Trace each letter by walking the dinosaur on it.

Book: Possum Magic


Activity: Magic Possum


Supplies: White crayon, white paper, watercolor paint (if you don’t have paint, markers will work too)



  1. With the white crayon draw a few possums on the sheet of paper.
  2. Child will use the paint (or marker) to cover the page. As they are painting (or coloring) the possums will appear!

Book: The Great Paper Caper

Activity: Paper Airplane Competition


Supplies: Paper, Markers (optional)



  1. Fold your sheets of paper to create multiple paper airplanes using these instructions.
  2. (Optional) Color your planes with markers.
  3. Test them out and see which ones fly the farthest!

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