The Captain’s Corner – October, 2022

1 October, 2022

We hope you’re having a dino-mite fall so far! This is Mike with your monthly StoryCaptain recap.

In October, we journeyed back through time to the Jurassic age. It’s a fact – dinosaurs are fascinating to kids! So, you might even have a few related books on your shelves. But, have you ever seen dinosaurs face off with princesses? Or learned how dinosaurs clean their rooms? There’s so much to unpack with these fascinating creatures.

To fully immerse yourself and your little one in this far-off land, check out the crafting activities and other awesome dinosaur books below!


Boost Their Creativity  


Bring this month’s activity guide to life with these craft activities for the WobbleCaptain and CuriousCaptain clubs.


Dinosaur Feelings (WobbleCaptain)

Supplies: Playdough, loose parts (applesauce pouch lids, blocks, Legos, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, dried pasta, pom-poms, etc.)



  1. Roll the playdough into a flat circle for a face.
  2. Add loose parts to create eyes and the mouth.
  3. Add extra pieces like eyebrows on the angry face! 

Parent/Child: Adult can help roll the playdough if needed and remind them of pieces to add to the face to make it a complete face reflecting the emotion. Let the child have freedom to create and replicate new emotions on their playdough face.



Dinosaur Writing (CuriousCaptain)


Supplies: Paper, marker, paper plate, paint, toy dinosaur



  1. Write your child’s name on the paper (or any other word!)
  2. Place some paint on a paper plate.
  3. Dip the dinosaur’s feet in the paint.
  4. Trace each letter by walking the dinosaur on it.

Parent/Child: Parent will set up the activity by writing the word. Child will trace the letters with the dinosaur.


Tips for Engagement: Talk about the letters and the correct letter formation as you are walking the dinosaur over them.

Pasta Skeletons (CuriousCaptain)

Supplies: Playdough, variety of dried pasta



  1. Roll the playdough flat.
  2. Use various pasta pieces to recreate the shape of a dinosaur.

Parent/Child: Adult can help with any steps as needed by the child. The adult should let the child create independently and step in if needed.


Tips for engagement: Research more about dinosaur fossils for an extension to this activity!


Expand Their Library  

Can’t get enough dino books? There’s so many excellent options to choose from. Check out these supplementary books that your little ones will love!

WobbleCaptain Club

How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? by Jane Yolen – In addition to the book included in this month’s box, Yolen has a collection of great books about dinosaurs. This one is a fun counting book that also takes place in a child’s room featuring familiar objects.

Never Touch the Dinosaurs – Tactile books are great for engaging both infants and toddlers in reading. We like the simple pictures and soothing rhythm.

CuriousCaptain Club

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything? by Elise Broach – Rather than handing out stickers, what if businesses gave every child a free, full-size living dinosaur? You may be skeptical at first, but these large creatures are sure to convince you in this hilarious book.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins– The first day of school can be difficult for anyone, but even more so if you are a little dinosaur who thinks that your human classmates are super delicious. This book features dynamic pictures and a funny story that’s perfect for the beginning of the school year.

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