The Captain’s Corner – August, 2022

25 August, 2022

Can you be-leaf that summer is almost over? Hi parents, it’s Mike with your monthly recap.

This month, we dove into all things trees – whether they give us fruits or shelter or shade, trees are an important part of our everyday lives… and it’s important to teach our little ones about protecting Mother Nature.

To fully immerse yourself and your little one in the beauty of trees, check out the crafting activities and suggested reading below!


Boost Their Creativity  


Bring this month’s activity guide to life with these craft activities for the WobbleCaptain and CuriousCaptain clubs.


Leaf Painting

Start by explaining what an outline is, and talk about where leaves come from – be sure to notice points and curves of the leaf as you are painting, and always ask why!

Supplies: Leaves (real or fake), painters tape, paper, paint, paint brushes



  1. Tape leaves onto the paper – Place the tape behind the leaf for maximum beauty!
  2. Paint the paper – Cover the entire outline of the leaf so the shape looks great!
  3. Peel and reveal – When the paint is dry, just take off the leaf! and reveal!

Parent/Child: Go outside and collect leaves together! Then, help your little one tape leaves to the paper to make sure they’re secure. Finally, your child can paint the paper – just make sure they cover the entire outline!


tree 2

Q-Tip Painting

Take a walk outside or look in the book, and talk about what colors you see – you can also chat about how leaves change colors throughout the seasons!


Supplies: Paper, Markers, Paint, Q-Tips



  1. Draw a tree outline on the paper
  2. Use a q-tip to paint the leaves on and around the tree – Pick colors to correlate with the season!

Parent/Child: Adults can draw the tree outline, and your child can paint the leaves onto the tree!



Paper Airplane Competition

Let ‘em fly! Make paper airplanes and see which planes fly farther. Be sure to ask why they think certain planes fly better than others.

Supplies: Paper, Markers (optional)



  1. Fold your sheets of paper to create multiple paper airplanes
  2. (Optional) Color your planes with markers
  3. Test them out and see which ones fly the farthest!

Parent/Child: Let the child try to make the plane their own – you can use these great instructions for visual steps to create different types of airplanes. You may need to help fold the paper into planes, and let your little ones throw!




Expand Their Library  

Can’t get enough tree books? Check out these supplementary tree-themed books that your little ones will love!



WobbleCaptain Club
Who’s Hiding in the Woods? by Nosy Crow – A fun, lift-the-flap book about all of the animals hiding in forests. This highly interactive book will push your little one to be an active reader.


Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson – Another highly interactive book by Christie Matheson similar to Tap the Magic Tree, focusing on how seeds grow up to become plants. We love these types of interactive books as an alternative to lift-the-flap books.



CuriousCaptain Club
The Night Gardener by Terry Fan – Someone in town is sculpting trees in the middle of the night, and William is determined to solve the mystery. A beautifully illustrated book that conveys a sense of nostalgia for the Victorian setting.


Maple by Lori Nichols – When Maple was born, her parents planted a tree in her honor. Maple befriends her tree, and their friendship evolves through the seasons and over the years. A sentimental story that even includes the birth of a baby sister.

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